Monday, September 24, 2007


by far, the only book I understood this entire summer. The emotion, the envy, all for a dead woman. I really did enjoy it. (even though the beginning is slow as heck.) Anyways, I really am looking forward to reading Romeo and Juliet again. Such a classic, I can never get sick of it. Although out of Shakespeare's works my personal favorite is A Midsummer Nights Dream for my obvious reasons. Oberon, King of the fairies, and puck, good ol' puck. my favorite characters.  Shakespeare, by far (in my book) the best literary genius to ever walk among human kind (so far). 

anyways tomorrow, I must go and run a 1.5 mile, or something of that sort, just for P.E. oh how I dread tomorrow. Also, I have a spanish test, but I'm not that worried, I'm actually doing muy bien, besides my random talkings. well goodnight!

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