Sunday, September 2, 2007

If I won a date with him.

you know those really cheesy contests they have in magazines like bop, j-14, popstar, tiger beat, and all those other 'tween' magazines that give you a chance to have a date with the current heartthrob, ya those ones. do you ever wonder, 'could I really get a stable relationship out of this contest?' I highly doubt those real possibilities but I guess everyone can dream a little. It's actually kinda fun to enter those contests (not to say I've actually entered one of those contests because I haven't). I mean think about it, filling out a survey which will be hand picked out of thousands, you must be really special to win. 

Let's see, what kind of questions do they ask in these surveys. (I guess since I'm writing down these questions you'll get to know me better and I'll tell you mine.)

favorite school subject: lunch (hey I hope this guy likes a girl with a sense of humor)no I'm just kidding, it's really literature or english 

favorite singer/group:(if it's a musician a girl is trying to win a date with, most girls would just name that person.)  Josh Verdes from myspace.

favorite movie: (if a girl is really obssessed over the 'dreamboat' she'd know what his favorite movie is and state it)  it'd have to be science of sleep.

favorite tv show: (considering the person filling out the survey is probably around the age 10-14, they still watch Disney Channel so they'd probably state something like Hannah Montana or maybe if they're more of the nickelodeon person they'd say something like zoey 101 or drake and josh) personally, I watch anime´s so my favorite show is Ouran High School Host Club (which technically I don't watch on television because they only air it in japan but essentially it's on a tv)

favorite book: mine's just happens to be whatever I'm reading. but two that stick in my mind because they're just phenomenal is Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk.

hmm what else do they ask?

describe yourself in five words: affable, eloquent, illogical, contradictory, dictionary 

describe your date with (the person you're trying to win a date with) in one sentence:(what a tough one) Lets just say, dinner at a local dinning area (without getting too expensive, personally for me a place like Rocky Cola Cafe), movies, a hug (and maybe a little smooch) and the simple statement that will never be fulfilled, we should do this again sometime.

I think those cover the main basics. now really how is a heart throb suppose to choose from thousands of applicants that seem to be all the same.

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