Sunday, September 23, 2007

After today...

I read the letters that tell me to succeed and I cry. why? I may disappoint them, I don't live up to what they think of me. watching the scene over and over again, she's saying we are special, she's waiting for us to make a difference. what have we done? I see us, barely getting by in life, finding out, one of my friends has already gone off on the wrong foot. drinking, pot, and to think I knew who she was at one point. As people put us on pedestals, we all are scared to fail, but when we do, we give up hope. my teachers, my dear, dear, teachers. who gave me, influence, guidance, friendship, parental figures, and to see them cry because of us, both of sadness and joy, why, It breaks my heart, knowing my fellow classmates and I are that powerful. Watching, as everyday has gone by, knowing it gets harder. 

I can only hope that after today, I rise to the occasion, and make everyone proud.

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