Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A flaw to fanfiction.

this may just be the fan fiction I've read (which isn't much to be honest), but everything seems like it comes straight out of the ass of some little fangirl. And it's written like a stephanie Meyer book where things are so unbelievably unrealistic. within days they fall in love and he's openly willing to have his love live with him. and the guy is just such a creeper. they lead you to hidden places and are overly forward. yea, just my type of fantasy. I know fanfiction isn't suppose to be quality writing, but it doesn't give a valid reason just pull things willy nilly out of your head. shouldn't there be a real plot? And how is it that things are conveniently there when they need it. it like I didn't mean for you to cry in the middle of this hidden forest but I brought a tissue box and placed it next to these strawberries that I brought. seriously... what the hell?