Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Bit of Everything.

So I was one of the lucky girls at the Gibson Amphitheater when the Jonas Brothers came there. and I was even luckier to be one of the girls that won the raffle. That was one crazy day considering there were 1000+ girls there, and some hardcore boys there too. I'm psyched about it.

In other news I found out today that I have a chance of having type 1 diabetes. My great aunt has it apparently so I'm all woah about it because my mom told me it was hereditary. yeah. something else I have to worry about.

anyways, back to the Jonas Brothers.
It's weird, I've never had my hands sweat and shake, or had my stomach churn, knowing they were there. Who knows what my emotions are telling me. 

Monday, January 7, 2008

Another boy I lost...

this was in november-december of 2006.

His name was John and that's as much as I remember of his name. I knew him for about a week before I blocked him. His screen name was faraway2880 but I'm not sure exactly if the number is right. 

He was sweet, but probably a bit too forward. I remember him telling me that all these positive things happening to him since the first time he talked to me. It was nice at first talking to him, and then a bit irritating. he would talk to me at 1am and be the first one to talk to me whenever I signed on, and then there was this poem, which he wrote a few days after we first talked and to my knowing it may have been about me but it might not. I remember reading it and it said he would run away to me and he didn't care about our age difference, and I remember him talking about running away from his 'craphole' and coming to me. I was flattered but kinda scared he might turn into a stalker. 

I ended talking to him by ignoring him. I knew I hurt his feelings by not talking to him, and, to be honest, in the end I think I think about him more than he will ever think of me again.  He deleted all his accounts under that screenname and now I can't apologize for what I had done. I bet we could've been really good friends. If anything, I would like to have another conversation with him (kinda like jack).