Monday, January 7, 2008

Another boy I lost...

this was in november-december of 2006.

His name was John and that's as much as I remember of his name. I knew him for about a week before I blocked him. His screen name was faraway2880 but I'm not sure exactly if the number is right. 

He was sweet, but probably a bit too forward. I remember him telling me that all these positive things happening to him since the first time he talked to me. It was nice at first talking to him, and then a bit irritating. he would talk to me at 1am and be the first one to talk to me whenever I signed on, and then there was this poem, which he wrote a few days after we first talked and to my knowing it may have been about me but it might not. I remember reading it and it said he would run away to me and he didn't care about our age difference, and I remember him talking about running away from his 'craphole' and coming to me. I was flattered but kinda scared he might turn into a stalker. 

I ended talking to him by ignoring him. I knew I hurt his feelings by not talking to him, and, to be honest, in the end I think I think about him more than he will ever think of me again.  He deleted all his accounts under that screenname and now I can't apologize for what I had done. I bet we could've been really good friends. If anything, I would like to have another conversation with him (kinda like jack).

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