Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wonder what I would say.

There was someone I once knew, well sorta knew.
his name was, I think Zaine, yes now I remember, his name was Zaine but I called him Jack, and his last name was Fox. I first talked to him on this forum called simpleplanrox, although I doubt he was really ever a fan of them. I felt special when I first talked to him, keeping in mind I was about 12 or 13 , I remember how we would actually have fights over who had more xs before we had to say goodbye, and how I had a seal that I called Jack, in honor of him. I think he was the first person I actually loved, even though, he was homosexual. we grew apart up to the point where I wouldn't actually talk to him because he was interested into talking to someone else. 

I kinda wonder what kind of person I would be if I still talked to him, or what we would actually talk about.

I kinda miss him.

I just remembered a conversation I had with him, he was telling me something about a back problem and he was getting surgery for it. 

and then there was this time he asked about my religion, He asked if he was pushing me away by asking my religion, and I said it didn't but after thinking about it, I think it did. 

But anyways, I'd like to talk to him, just to see if would be like talking to an old friend or if it would be an awkward conversation like ex lovers. I don't know what I'd want actually. 

It'd kinda suck if he forgot who I was, or even worse, if he hated me now. 

I guess I'll never really know.

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