Sunday, November 23, 2008

The antisocial.

The Dean questions my insanity, which I find so infuriating. What right does she have to say I'm antisocial or to question my sanity. I'm  perfectly fine. Seriously. She's telling me to get a therapist, when clearly I don't. She's taking my many library visits as a sign that I don't have friends or that I'm avoiding my problems, when really I'm trying to bring up my failing grades. Heck, just because she was the miss popular when she was in school doesn't mean just because I go to the library to study makes me anti-social. Heck, all my friends join me in the library and help me with homework too. God, and she says I'm being more quiet in class, I've been the same quiet for all 11 years of my school life and she says I was vibrant last year, well let me tell you something, I've grown up since last year, matured, I guess you should say, so why in the world are you telling me that I need a therapist when clearly you are the one that does. aggghhh. If there is any reason as to why I would need a therapist is to yell about how she's the one that makes me so angsty and frustrated with life. 

Alright now that I have that off my shoulders, I can finish my homework in which I've yet to finish. Goodnight lovely.


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