Saturday, August 9, 2008

My first Kiss.

has yet to happen, and I'm glad. although worried. 
They're the usual what will it be like, I won't know I'll be doing kind of worry, but I'm fine with that. There's a few groups on facebook that are for people who want their first kiss to be with their spouse. I think it's really cute. Staying probably the purest to those that say they want to stay pure before marriage. 
But everyone's definition of pure before marriage is different.
that's what makes me wonder about disney kids these days. you have a "purity ring" but what does that really mean. no sex? no oral sex? does groping count? dry humping? It doesn't make sense to me.
But neither does any relationship really make sense, because I've never had a real relationship.
I wish I could just use google to find these answers. 

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