Friday, August 29, 2008

What Pisses Me off to be called a teen these days.

For one, I'm sick of Jonas Fans(not all just those that are ignorant and buffoons). It's one thing to be screaming randomly at the concert and not being able to hear their music, the reason a person would buy tickets to their concert. It's another to be screaming during Nick Jonas' diabetic speech. I'd show more respect to someone who lives on the road with something like Diabetes. Even though The Jonas Brothers could never compare to The Beatles, I think The Jonas Brothers should stop touring like the Beatles because it's a shame that you can't hear them at a concert because of screams. And I wouldn't mind if they just took a break from the world and moved to some remote area for awhile. They've been touring quite often, and after they're going to start filming their TV show, and as much as it would be nice to see their face everywhere I go, I think they'll be burnt out by 2010 and hopes for living the dream will be nothing more then the past. I want them to live their dream for as long as life will go on for them.

Second thing is, I'm kinda pissed at the way my generation is being looked at because of how teen celebrities are acting. oh yea every 15 year old pulls up their shirt and takes a photo of it, and what's more sickening is that I know people that are mimicking this celebrity's moves because they want to be in her place. I'm sick of her fans sticking up for her saying bull about how it's not that bad. It is bad. Yes, in Hollywood, maybe not as much because we have just as many true blue people who care as a diamond in the rough. 

Another thing about teen "role models" these days. I think this whole purity ring is a bunch of bull since teen pregnancy has just become so much more of a" problem" these days. I don't think purity rings are going to stop it. "Purity" is a personal choice and should be thought out to what extent and if it's really worth it. But personally, if you're raised for the first part of your life to have strong morals. I don't see the point in a ring, personal reminders shouldn't be needed if morals are strong, you should be motivated each day to practice morals and live them and not just putting on a show for yourself. 

I miss the 90s for so many reasons.

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