Sunday, April 13, 2008

I guess I feel more obligated to write here now.

Since greatestjournal's DB has gone off and died I'm here to write more of my mind.
could I be of a Jane Eyre type of person, who is passionate with words but introverted physically?,probably not. but to think of why someone would really have a blog must have some Jane Eyre in their blood. I think I'm over men and women, and the whole cat and mouse game of trying to win someone's heart that is obviously not interested. So I'll just sit hear and listen to all the people that still believe in this child's play of love.

There has been something on my mind that has really bothered me in that past few days.

So many cd stores have been going out of business because of the internet, and I bet you're thinking "Audrey what has the internet done to make these stores go out of business?"
and here's why...

  • The world has become soo lazy that it's tedious to go out to a store and but a cd
  • you can buy individual songs and cds without tax
Here's why it's better to buy cds
  • tangibility: Think about it, so many artists put a lot of effort in creating booklets that expresses the cd in a new way, and holding it in your hands you can feel as if you're participating in something amazing
  • think about Y2K. go on: how many people were absolutely freaked out about all the computers of the world to just shut down, huh? This could happen at any year, any month, any day, any hour, any minute. Sure you could go of and back up all the songs you've downloaded, but wouldn't it just be easier to buy the cd and be done with it.
  • this ties in with the second point: my computer before has expectantly had complete wash outs of all my files of music, thousands of songs literally gone from my possession. This helped me to learn to just buy a cd and be glad that if my computer dies on me I'll still have cds to fall back on.
Alright, well my thoughts aren't as complete as I wanted them to be, my brain just feels like a piece of jello right now, but hopefully you've gotten the point.

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