Wednesday, March 26, 2008

again with my complete circle.

He's to amazing for me to think about. I've tried so hard to think of someone more tangible, but he's just the guy I've always looked for.

His new album is amazing, totally blew me in a different path. less malicious, more reflective. It was definitely growth from the last, and the weird thing is, that since their last album my music taste has shifted to more of classic rock more than the plain old vaudeville, and indie rock, and when I buy this album, expecting something different yet the same (if that makes sense),I was pleasantly surprised that it's more "folk" rock and more of the Beatles as an influence.
All the better to love it in my opinion.

So back to that subject of my music tastes changing.

I actually am more interested in classic rock (as I've said before). I'm more interested in the Beatles, and the Who(just to name a few). I mean, I still love indie and all, but I tend to be more inspired by ,for example, the Beatles, more than, again for example, Emery.

Alright, well I'm off to save the world.
yet again.


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