Saturday, July 12, 2008

washed away disney memories

So recently I've been remembering old birthdays and what not because I really have nothing better to be thinking about right now. So I was remembering around 1997-1998 a place that was owned by disney in thousand oaks, california. Now as I recall my 4th birthday or 5th birthday was there, and it's name was Club Disney. Basically it was an indoor playground, or what my mind wants me to think of it as. I remember flubber and pizza. So... I basically wish it were still open today, but they all closed down probably because where they opened these playgrounds were in suburbs and, to be quite honest, who would care? (that is besides me) I remember I got a hercules puzzle there, which I thought was the coolest thing in the world (keeping in mind I was at a young age.

Now I've actually tried talking about this place to friends (they thought I had lost my mind) but thinking about it, they never knew about it because there probably wasn't much advertisement on it. either that or it was just as expensive as disneyland. But, I knew about it. (that could be the fact that I have a parent working at disney but it could just mean I've been raised in disney crap for my entire life)

Anyways, I bring this place up because it was probably the only memory of childhood I could almost vividly remember, being in that neon-ish green room with clips of flubber playing on a tv screen, it's just like chuck e. cheese, only disneyfied. ya, totally something I'd go to now even in the middle of my teens. 

They should bring it back, make more loot, its places like that, that put the money in my mom's wallet.

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