Sunday, June 15, 2008

My pleasant surprises.

Today was amazing to sum up how much adventure and risk we took.
I'll start by lunch, we went to Patys half expecting to see someone there but not much. Sarah noticed a tall handsome man come walking through the side door we looked at each other, we read each others mind and we walked outside to ask him if he was the guy we were thinking of. and he was. the Nicholas Braun. He is the nicest guy ever appearing in the new 'DCOM' Princess Protection Program. We made a quick video with him and that was that. 
Now onto the meat of this story.
So Today was the last day of the honda civic tour with Panic at the Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, The Hush Sound and Phantom Planet.We arrived there right when it started with Phantom we had our seats (which might I add our seats were LAST ROW on the HIGHEST balcony) now we watched the first set there and couldn't bear it three of us went to take a risk and take a seat that was hopefully not sold that was closer. we even tried the floor (which was half empty as always). So we ended up having second row on the right side of the stage (the left side while looking AT the stage) So we stayed there for The Hush Sound and then after the Motion City Soundtrack set started we moved seats just cause' there were two girls that did end up buying those seats we were in.(the song was Everything Is Alright) so we ended up for the rest of the concert in 8th row on the same side. it was amazing.
And today I saw my love...
He was more interactive with the audience rather than the last time I saw him, which was good because I like it better that way. Even though I didn't meet any of those bands today it was great to know that I was there, in a way, being apart of history. 
because of the last day of tour there was a bit of foolishness on stage but in the end we (the crowd) was so awesome that we actually got to see another song. 

This is kind of why I live, or maybe, what I live for , if there's any difference. My body seems to feel lopsided after concerts or big events and my brain is probably mush by now. This feeling of being in the moment and wanting the moment last forever is my high. Right now it feels as if the laptop is moving further and further away but my arms are stretching longer and longer to keep on typing. I do get a high from this atmosphere.

This is me, a foolish girl who takes non life-threatening risks whenever the moment occurs and is happy she did. because without that adrenaline never comes, and the lack of excitement would build up in her till a breaking point where she does the most stupidest thing that would ultimately kill her.

this message on high is brought to you by.

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