Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I've been thinking,about the word fan.
not the fan that keeps me cool, but fan as in, I'm a "fan" of this or that.
What makes a fan? How long does fandom last?
I know that if I were in a famous band, I wouldn't be all "I have so many fans." because then I'd sound like a conceited jerk. if anything I'd rather call the people that support, and care about my music my friends. It seems fans can come and go but someone from the start to the end is a friends wouldn't you say? and it just sounds so much cooler saying, "wow look how many friends came out here just to see lil' ol' me!" rather than "look how many fans I have."

I really don't want to include "them" into this blog but it applies to them so well. they have this new thing called the fan family experience or something around that name. It seems as though they want to make a close relationship with the people that listen to their music, but let's face it, most of the demographic they have are teenage girls who are just waiting for the next younger cuter guy to come along. That is probably the definition of a fan. Temporary infatuation.

It's a horrible how words in general have been so overused that the meaning and value of the word is nonexistent. Take for example Love. Everywhere you here I love you. and for some reason I'd like to believe that love is a word that is so strong that it should only be used in the presence of something as true as our relationship with God, or a spouse that has been there through all the hardships. I don't think you can love a person that gives you nice things or remembers your favorites. The moment I love you is said in a relationship I see it going downhill from there.

The same goes with hate. and Hate is worse. when I think of hate I think, " I want that person/thing to burn in limbo for thousands of years" and I would never want that to happen to anyone. no one deserves that, because everyone deserves forgiveness for their wrongs. So I could never said oh I hate this blasted contraption/homework/day because I know that's an exaggeration.

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