Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two cavities.

I went to the dentist today, I have two cavities. I actually am pretty lucky considering all the things that could go wrong, like getting a thin enamel. That sucks very much. But anyways that's besides the real point of this blog post.

There are two construction workers in my bathroom installing a bathtub with jets and putting travertine on the floor and wall. I never even imagined material things like these in my possession, but I guess they're all nice. I'd trade them all in if I could find real everlasting happiness but they'll bring joy to me for a time. 

school starts soon, I kinda fear it. mostly because I'm in a school where there's about 300+ amount of people, and I couldn't feel any more lonely. And my closest friends, are in different schools.

I have to cut this short because I'm going to home depot and the farmers market with my mom.

till next time, It's been a pleasure.

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